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Alpha release of the new scada is avilable in the Software products page Click here to check it out!

This is the prelimitary Alpha version of the new scada program. Some of the features may not work and some of the options are not avilable yet.
We are giving you chance to express your toughts about it with us. This will improve the stable version and give you an idea what to expect as finished product!

You can check beta version videos here!

How to download?
- You can download free SCADA after registration. Go to producst page and click to downloads tab.It is free. If you have problems with registering /loginig in, please contact us !

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Quick Introduction

Welcome to our new web site !
We would like to present you in quick steps our mission and future purposes. Our mission is to deliver you products which will facilitate your projects and work related with automation, software or hobby. We try to create products which are maximal easy for use and maximal effective in their function. In this moment we work under some products which`ll provide you soon and for which we recomend you to stay connected with our work. You can achieve that like subscribe to our site or follow us on Facebook. If you have any questions about our work, products or whatever please contact us.
We wish you pleasant stay in our site !

Best Regards !
.:  Micset Team  :.

Sneak preview of the new SCADA Delta PLC capabilities.


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